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Updating the Edison Lamp Prototype

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated this site with some Edison lamp photos.  It seems that the walnut lamps are the most popular.  In 2013, I’ve sold 21 lamps and 15 of those have been in walnut.  While I don’t list more walnut lamps than cherry on Etsy, it appears that their search algorithm favors that iteration of the lamp.  Perhaps that is the reason for the popularity of the walnut version.  Of course it’s possible that people just prefer the walnut look.

The original prototype I built was walnut.  Recently, I took it into the shop to update some of the hardware on the lamp.  I updated the switch to a dimmer switch and I swapped out the sockets to a new porcelain version.  The prototype also featured a few design elements that I ultimately changed.  The most obvious change is the shift from 4 tails (in the prototype) to 3 tails (on the current version).  I’ve also recessed the lamp box top a little lower on the current version.  Whereas the shift to fewer tails was purely for aesthetics (I think it looks nicer), the change in the lamp top makes the build process a little easier.

The first set of photos below, show the original prototype (which was just sold).  Below the 2 photos of the prototypes are photos of the new design.  The next lamp was built out of lacewood (and can be purchased from my etsy store if you are interested). The final lamp is built from walnut and was highlighted in an earlier post.


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Designing New Concert Poster Frames

On a brief shop trip today, I shifted away from the world of Edison Lamps. I spent most of my time designing some new concert poster frames. Most posters have standard proportions, but they don’t all. When I can, I try to build my frames to a standard outside dimension of 29 1/2″ x 23 1/2″. Most of my work today was limited to the design side of a concert frames. 2 of 3 I designed will be able to keep the standard dimension. The images below show the sketches for new frames I’ll be building. The sketches help me determine the amount of lumber I need for each frame. Shockingly, it is quite a bit of lumber. The ideal frame would be built from a single board. The board needs to be over 100″ long to build a single frame. I wish I could include some pictures in this post of the build, but unfortunately the heat wave in DC was too much for me. By the time I left this afternoon, the temperature was 98 degrees, and the only thing I completed was the jointing of 4 boards. Hopefully the next posts will feature some wood and not just sketches on graph paper.




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Designing a New Lamp

Stuck in jury duty today, so I figured I would take the opportunity to update this site on something other than just Edison lamps. I feel like site has become an onslaught of WIP and final photos posts associated with those lamps. I do enjoy building them, but I feel like that is all that makes it to this site. I have a backlog of WIP projects that have taken a back seat to customer projects. Not complaining; just noting.

For a while I’ve been wanting to try some new concepts in the shop. Staying within the lamp theme, I decided to try a new design. The sketch below shows my initial thoughts on the profile of the lamp. The base of the lamp is loosely inspired by the base of the kinesis chair by Thos. Moser. I was lucky enough to spend a week in the shop with David Moser and many of their craftsman up in Maine. While I certainly picked up a new skill or two, what I most realized was that I don’t spend much time in the prototype phase refining the design. I think for this lamp I will try to truly prototype it. I both want to refine the shape and proportions, and I want to do it out of some cheaper stock.

For the return at the top of the lamp I was again inspired by a Thos. Moser design. This time it was the vita chair. In particular, the intersection point where the back sweeps into the front leg and then comes back to form the back support.

The shade itself will try to blend in the concepts of the kinesis base and the look of old victrola phonograph horns. I have been wanting an antique phonograph for years, and this might just have to help hold me over a little longer.

The sketch isn’t perfect, but it’s enough to get me started. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a little more time on the design this weekend.