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Cleaning the Iron

It certainly doesn’t look like much in the photo, but the table saw is considerably cleaner now than just a few minutes earlier. It probably took close to an hour to get the table saw, jointer and planer clean. I don’t know that it will help me cut any straighter or work any safer or faster, but it was worth it for the peace of mind alone. I followed up the cleaning exercise with dimensioning some legs from a piece of 8/4 walnut. No pictures of the table legs included in this post (not too exciting to look at – and this is coming from the guy that posted a picture of sawdust in a Dixie cup a few weeks ago). Lots of shop work for the coming weekend. Hopefully the clean cast iron will make all of the difference.


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Stiffening Up

The span from one end to the other of this cabinet is pretty long. As a result the center section supporting all of the drawers was sagging about 3/8 of an inch. To stiffen it up a bit, I’ve installed some studs attached to the bottom rails to support the bottom. Hopefully that will fix things up. If not I’ll have to add a small center leg to support the bottom. You would never notice it unless you were on your hands and knees, but I still hope to avoid adding it.

On a positive note, two new brushes were able to revive the planer. And while I was in maintenance mode, I finally replaced the busted plug on the table saw…