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Edison Lamp Finish Coats and Fancy Coasters

A real mixed bag of project work today. Thanks to a tardy FedEx delivery, started the day by running down to the shop to fit a dimmer switch into a new Edison lamp. With that out of the way, it was on to finishing work. Although I prefer to use an oil urethane blend for my finishing work, I switched things up a bit this time. This weekend’s finish work was using exclusively boiled linseed oil. It’s a finish I like, but you just need to be very careful with your rags because of the spontaneous combustion issue. The photo below shows my impromptu finishing area (aka my living / dining room with pieces resting on the edges of cardboard boxes.


The following shots just show some extra perspectives on the current pieces that I’m working on. In the photos are the Birdseye maple piece that has been featured in the past few posts on this site. Also featured is a smaller 3 bulb version built out of cherry. The cherry was particularly light, but it has been warming up with more coats of finish. In the photos below, the small cherry piece has two coats of boiled linseed oil. The maple piece has just received its first coat (keeping in mind, that my iPhone doesn’t take the best photos). You’ll also notice scattered 3.5″ square pieces of wood. Given the amount of wood furniture I have in my house, coasters are an absolute must. Building items like the Edison lamps has generated a lot of thin stock that has no other use for me, so I’ve decided to start making drink coasters. If I make enough and get motivated, they might be the next item to make an appearance on etsy. Next post should have nicer photos of the finished pieces.




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Cherry Edison Lamp Finishing

Getting close to finishing the cherry Edison lamp base. I was able to get all of the sanding and cleanup of the base completed at the shop this weekend. The first picture below shows the base without any finish on it. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but there is a nice natural redness to the piece. The second photo shows it with one coat of finish applied. I’ll add at least two more coats before calling this one finished. Over time cherry will continue to darken (especially with exposure to natural light).



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From Table Saw to Bar

This will officially be the last post on this piece that gets categorized as WIP. I wasn’t happy with the finish quality I was getting in my poorly lit shop with no climate control. Wish I had those things, but that’s money I don’t have. So I’ve moved the piece form the table saw to the bar / island in my kitchen. Unfortunately this is forcing me to relocate for this evening’s sazerac. Also you might notice every woodworker’s nightmare in the background… Yes that is a very nice kitchen I have, but why did they use IKEA cabinets? I can’t tell you a company that I like less from a furniture quality perspective… Sorry. Back on topic… Hopefully I’ll have the coffee table glamour shots on the blog by tomorrow.


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Need To Make Some Room In Here

This piece is ready for one final coat of finish. Unfortunately my table saw has become my finishing table… I need to finish some of these other half finished pieces. They have all been occupying my work tables for far too long now. The shop was a little warm today (100+ degrees but only about 55% humidity), so today saw little work other than the final coats of finish being applied. This one should be heading back up to DC tomorrow.


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80-grit to four aught

Finally getting to some finish work which is exciting, but that means an ungodly amount of sanding over the past 48 hours. Started sanding with an 80 grit sandpaper progressing through to 220. In the picture below are a variety of boxes that will house some small stereo gear. In the background is the base for the Edison lamp I’m building. The box in the foreground hasn’t received the oil urethane blend yet. Hiding somewhere is a poster frame which also reached the finishing stages this weekend. After this first coat of finish dries it will be a rotation of four aught steel wool and oil urethane until I’m happy with the finish.