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The Kills Concert Poster Frame

It’s almost criminal how much people are charged for custom poster frames these days.  Now I realize that the people making/selling the frames aren’t likely millionaires, so they have to charge what they do based on the volume of business that they do…  Below is a cherry frame that I built for The Kills concert that I went to at the 9:30 in 2011.  The piece was constructed from a scrap piece of cherry lumber that I found in the shop.  I basically put it together between other projects at the shop (or more likely to avoid spending the time to clean the shop).  The mitered joints are reinforced with contrasting walnut splines.  Some might debate the value significance of concert art, but I’m thrilled that this piece is now in a one of a kind frame.  Original artwork (“Operator Put Me Through”) was done by Third Alert Designs.