Claremont Designs

Live Edge

Live-Edge Walnut Headboard

The Live-Edge Walnut Headboard is an entirely unique headboard.  The featured element of the headboard is a slab of walnut that is hand planed at Claremont Designs.  The walnut retains the bark of the tree along its edges, and every effort is taken to keep the slab as natural as possible (complete with knots and sapwood).  The walnut slab is surrounded by thick walnut stock that is mortise and tennoned together.  The 2″ stock is designed to frame the focal piece of walnut.

The Live-Edge Walnut Headboard is shown with a duvet cover from Amenity.

The headboard is not-so creatively named Bed 1, as it was the first headboard created for Claremont Designs.

Live-Edge Canary Wood Sideboard / Entertainment Stand

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