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Stiffening Up

The span from one end to the other of this cabinet is pretty long. As a result the center section supporting all of the drawers was sagging about 3/8 of an inch. To stiffen it up a bit, I’ve installed some studs attached to the bottom rails to support the bottom. Hopefully that will fix things up. If not I’ll have to add a small center leg to support the bottom. You would never notice it unless you were on your hands and knees, but I still hope to avoid adding it.

On a positive note, two new brushes were able to revive the planer. And while I was in maintenance mode, I finally replaced the busted plug on the table saw…


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RIP Delta 22-580 – Updated…

Unfortunately it’s time to put my planer out to pasture. She helped me dimension some walnut highlights for a cabinet this morning. After lunch she just wouldn’t start again. It’s possible that Delta’s authorized finest might be able to restore life, but it looks like this old friend is headed for Craig and his list… I’m basically shut down until her replacement is found.

Update: I should have noted a long time ago that I got the planer working once again… 2 replacement brushes and everything is working again. I see that people view this post every now and then, so I thought I should update.