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Half Blind Sanding

Well it’s taken a lot of sanding but the drawers are taking shape. Sorry if the picture is a little blurry. Combination of still shaking from sanding and using an iPhone doesn’t always make for the best picture quality. Up next is the carcass of the cabinet and then fitting the drawers to the opening…


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My Clamps Don’t Match

There’s an old adage that you can never have enough clamps. Personally I’ve never been fond of adages; I generally find them to be a shortcut to actually thinking. I almost uttered “you can never have enough clamps” when finishing this glue up. But I have plenty of clamps left over so that can’t be a true statement. Instead I was left wondering why I seem to have no more than 4 clamps of any size or length that match. Good news is that the drawers are almost done and I can start on fit and finish shortly.