Claremont Designs


Claremont Designs features the furniture of Alex Aldag. It is named after the location of the original shop (on Claremont Avenue in Chicago, IL). Only a limited number of pieces are crafted each year. My primary woods of choice are walnut and cherry. Core to my design philosophy are the notions that not all flaws in wood should be hidden and that the unique character of each piece of lumber should be evident in the final design.

Despite the limited number of pieces made each year, I strive to keep prices reasonable. This is more of a glorified hobby for me than a full-time profession and as such I am trying to cover my costs and keep enough lumber in the shop to stay busy.

If you see a piece that you like, send me an email as it may still be available or at the very least we can build one that will be even better suited to your needs. The easiest way to reach me is via email.