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Finished Butcher Block Coffee Table

So it’s finally completed. After a final coat of finish last night, it is now ready to go. It’s not a huge coffee table, but perfect for a tiny place. And it is suitable for being used by you and your neighbor as long as you like each other. I chose not to do a close up of the end grain for the photos; there are plenty of other posts on this blog where you can see that detail (and you can see the detail if you go to full resolution views of the photos below). Since it was finished here in the “showroom” I just took a couple of quick shots in my living room to give you an idea as to scale and finish.

Also included in the photos are a small cherry end table, a turned bowl, and my favorite rocking chair. I’m capable of producing the first 2 of those items in my little shop, but in this case these were all made in Maine when I spent a week doing the customer in residence program at Thos. Moser. That was a great experience. My only regret is that I wished I would have picked a simpler piece to make (so that I would have learned some new techniques as opposed to every last thing you would ever want to know about sanding). You can also see their lolling chair hanging out by the window. The carpet is modern mix by flor. And the coffee table book featured here is a collection of concert posters (organized by designer) from the guys that run gig posters.