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Completed Cherry Edison Lamp

Finished up the cherry Edison lamp. As mentioned before, I made this one out of reclaimed lumber from a cherry table top. This isn’t reclaimed in the sense that it was a table that was hundreds of years old. But it does have history relative to my shop. It was the first table that I made. The lumber was purchased from the hobby shop through the navy exchange system. It was probably built around 1998. 14 years later and it has a new life.





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Cherry Edison Lamp Finishing

Getting close to finishing the cherry Edison lamp base. I was able to get all of the sanding and cleanup of the base completed at the shop this weekend. The first picture below shows the base without any finish on it. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, but there is a nice natural redness to the piece. The second photo shows it with one coat of finish applied. I’ll add at least two more coats before calling this one finished. Over time cherry will continue to darken (especially with exposure to natural light).



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Edison Dry Fit (part 2)

Started building another Edison lamp in the shop this weekend. The first one I made was made from walnut. This time I’m recycling some cherry that I have in the shop. The lumber was used in the first table I ever built. Unfortunately back then I didn’t have all of the tools I do now. As a result, not all of the boards were as flat as I like them. Eventually the wood kept moving to the point that it needed to be rebuilt. Fortunately I’ve been able to reuse almost all of that lumber. In the picture below I did a quick dry fit of the box to come up with a good assembly strategy. It’s now sitting in clamps and hopefully it can get to the finishing room soon.