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Such Is Life

Only had a little time in the shop before needing to run off to lunch so I figured that I would turn a quick pen out of mahogany. Unfortunately the wood chipped out at the last minute on the barrel on the left. Rather than trash the whole thing I decided to make one of the smallest styluses ever. With the added thickness in the middle it’s actually pretty comfortable despite the very short length.



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This Weekend’s Stylus Work

In between all of the other shop activities, I turned out a few new stylus (styli?) this weekend. The walnut one was from leftover wood used for a concert poster frame. The cherry one was from an old cherry table that couldn’t be salvaged (how could I let that lumber go to waste). The maple one comes from the drawers sides / backs that I was working on this weekend. All proudly displayed on my Dodo Case of course…


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Beginnings of an iPad Stylus

Before jumping into the drawers for the dresser, I decided to turn an iPad stylus. Not the most challenging project, but there is a lot to be said for a project that can be started and finished in the same day… Guess it’s time to stop procrastinating and tackle those drawers.