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Edison Lamp


Birdseye Maple Edison Lamp

I’ve always liked the look of the Edison Light Bulb. There’s something about the glowing filaments that is very relaxing. I purchased a piece of glass artwork a few years back that had 2 filaments that illuminated a glass orb. I knew that I didn’t have the skills to craft anything of this sort, but I figured that I could build a case that would showcase these bulbs. Now I am a woodworker and the bulbs only cost a few dollars more than a standard light bulb, so I realize that the focus should probably be on the through dovetailed box that I built… But I personally still focus on the bulbs themselves. Other than the tedious work of wiring the light sockets, this is actually a very enjoyable (yet challenging) project. So enjoyable that I’m having a hard time not building more.

If you are interested in buying an Edison Lamp, you can visit my store at Etsy.

One thought on “Edison Lamp

  1. We bought an custom edison lamp from you about a year ago. It sits on the mantle of our non-working fireplace. We were unable to give you a review for some reason on Etsy. We LOVE our lamp. It gets the most attention when guests are over, over any piece in our home. I can’t thank you enough for your craftsmanship. The quality and detail of our lamp is beautiful. Thank you again!

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