Claremont Designs

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New Look For Claremont Designs

Just a quick post here to thank Milena V. Gavala for the work on the new look and feel aspects of this site, my facebook page and the etsy page. I’ve gone way too long with a bad photo of a headboard (that I love) and a font that I can’t remember. This is not a transformative moment for the furniture (side) business, but it was time to take a step in the right direction. Now if I can get motivated to take some better furniture photos and replace that awful looking portion of the site…  Hopefully you will see me rotate through some interesting photos incorporating the new logo.  More to come.

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Cleaning the Iron

It certainly doesn’t look like much in the photo, but the table saw is considerably cleaner now than just a few minutes earlier. It probably took close to an hour to get the table saw, jointer and planer clean. I don’t know that it will help me cut any straighter or work any safer or faster, but it was worth it for the peace of mind alone. I followed up the cleaning exercise with dimensioning some legs from a piece of 8/4 walnut. No pictures of the table legs included in this post (not too exciting to look at – and this is coming from the guy that posted a picture of sawdust in a Dixie cup a few weeks ago). Lots of shop work for the coming weekend. Hopefully the clean cast iron will make all of the difference.


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RIP Delta 22-580 – Updated…

Unfortunately it’s time to put my planer out to pasture. She helped me dimension some walnut highlights for a cabinet this morning. After lunch she just wouldn’t start again. It’s possible that Delta’s authorized finest might be able to restore life, but it looks like this old friend is headed for Craig and his list… I’m basically shut down until her replacement is found.

Update: I should have noted a long time ago that I got the planer working once again… 2 replacement brushes and everything is working again. I see that people view this post every now and then, so I thought I should update.