Claremont Designs

Tables / Desks

6-Top Trestle Table
aka Table 1

The trestle table is made of solid walnut.  It is inspired by the simplicity of the Shakers and the straight lines of Asian furniture making.  It naturally seats 4 people, 2 on each opposing side of the table.  The table can accommodate 6 by locating chairs at either end of the table.  The table features 2 trestles and 2 stretcher beams all of 2″ think walnut joined by 12 mortise and tennon joints.  The table top is solid walnut with a chamfered edge featuring knots and sapwood to make a unique statement.  The table is finished simply with tung oil.

Table 1 is paired with bench 1 and coffee 1 in cherry to provide ample seating for 4 (in this configuration).

The table is named Table 1 in a most pedestrian manner, as it was the first table (and the first piece of furniture) created at Claremont Designs shop.

6-Top Gate-Legged Drop Leaf Table
aka Table 2

The Gate-Legged table has a leaf on each end of the table that is supported by a leg that swings out like a gate.  The hinge is constructed from solid wood.  When fully opened, the table will comfortably seat 6.  Each leaf is designed to accommodate dining for 2.  The drop leafs allows this table to easily shift from an intimate dinner for 2, to a table for a family of 4, to a table to entertain a small dinner party of 6.

Table 2 is constructed of solid walnut.  The lumber was selected to minimize the distinctions in grain and tone of each piece of lumber.  Walnut can show significant variations in tone and display sapwood.  Both were minimized in Table 2.  To see an example of how sapwood is incorporated into the design of a table make sure to look at Table 1.

The table is named Table 2, as it was the second table produced at the Chicago shop location for Claremont Designs.

4-Top Pedestal Table
aka Table 3

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