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Designing New Concert Poster Frames

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On a brief shop trip today, I shifted away from the world of Edison Lamps. I spent most of my time designing some new concert poster frames. Most posters have standard proportions, but they don’t all. When I can, I try to build my frames to a standard outside dimension of 29 1/2″ x 23 1/2″. Most of my work today was limited to the design side of a concert frames. 2 of 3 I designed will be able to keep the standard dimension. The images below show the sketches for new frames I’ll be building. The sketches help me determine the amount of lumber I need for each frame. Shockingly, it is quite a bit of lumber. The ideal frame would be built from a single board. The board needs to be over 100″ long to build a single frame. I wish I could include some pictures in this post of the build, but unfortunately the heat wave in DC was too much for me. By the time I left this afternoon, the temperature was 98 degrees, and the only thing I completed was the jointing of 4 boards. Hopefully the next posts will feature some wood and not just sketches on graph paper.




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