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Four New Edison Lamps


Finally finished up a couple orders of Edison lamps. Except for one of the single bulb lamps, all of these are in the care of the USPS. The 5 bulb lamp is a pretty traditional rendition but the length has been shortened ever so slightly. The maple version is a significantly larger version of the single bulb lamp I’ve been making. I wasn’t too sure about it’s size at first. But with the right bulb it looks great. One of the small Edisons just left DC. The other will become my second lamp on etsy that is ready to ship when ordered.

Only one lamp on the books for the weekend, so hopefully I can get back to some of the other neglected projects in the shop.







2 thoughts on “Four New Edison Lamps

  1. Hey! Just wanted to drop by and say that I got the birds eye maple Edison lamp from my girlfriend Nadia today. It is AWESOME. I’ve been looking for ideas about what I could stick an Edison bulb into that would look cool without much luck, but you’re doing it right!

    Keep up the good work, and great craftsmanship – this is definitely one of the coolest gifts I have received!

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