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Initial Clamping For A Dovetailed End Table

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I previously wrote that I didn’t agree with the common woodworker’s sentiment that you can never have too many clamps. I’m not making a complete reversal, but I would at least like to change my stance to note that I don’t think you can have too many reasonably sized clamps. The end table that I’m building has three separate dovetailed boxes each about 11″ x 22″ x 7″. Unfortunately I ran out of clamps and was only able to get 2 of them glued up before last leaving the shop. I still have plenty of extra clamps laying around the shop, but I didn’t have any that weren’t far too long or far to short to sensibly clamp up the third box. The picture below shows one of the boxes clamped up (standing on my ever trusty table saw workbench – I really need to finish that piece that has occupied my table saw for the past few months).


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