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Dimensioning Walnut For A Dovetailed End Table

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It can take a lot of work to get the rough sawn lumber ready for a new piece of furniture. In the last shop trip I spent several hours selecting, jointing and planing about 10 board feet of walnut. Normally I spend a fair amount of time selecting lumber for the piece I’m building, but in this case I’m down to only a few boards left in stock (so I made the most of what was available). After work on the jointer and the table saw, I was left with the stack of lumber you see in the first photo. As you can see, one side of the lumber hasn’t been surfaced and the boards are all of various thicknesses. Some boards were a little over an inch thick, but by the time I got them all to the same thickness they were somewhere around 5/8″ thick. For the piece I’m building the actual thickness is less important than having every piece being the exact same thickness (and completely flat). A little more work dimensioning on the next trip and then a lot of time in the dovetail jig.



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