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Completed Birdseye Maple Edison Lamp


After a combination of boiled linseed oil followed up by an oil / urethane blend, I finally finished up the birdseye maple lamp. This is the first version of the lamp that I built with a dimmer switch. I’m sure it’s not evident from the photos, but the switch makes a tremendous difference. The bulbs can put off a lot of heat, and the dimmer allows you to dial in the brightness to just the right level. I’m pretty sure this will be a standard part off all future builds.




3 thoughts on “Completed Birdseye Maple Edison Lamp

  1. Perfect!!!
    Can’t wait

  2. Just received the lamp.
    I’m pleased beyond words!!!
    I had high expectations but this is amazing.
    The grain of the Birdseye + dovetail corners + linseed oil finish= my Fav new art/lamp in my living room.

    Thanks again

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