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Completed 5 Bulb Cherry Edison Lamp


Put the finishing touches on the 5 bulb / 36″ version of the latest Edison lamp this weekend. The final piece has three coats of finish applied. It already has great color, but the cherry will continue to darken with exposure to natural light. I mentioned a few posts ago about resawing the lumber so that I could get the top cut from the same piece of lumber. In addition to the benefit of matching tone and color, it also has the benefit of matching the grain and streaking of the board used for the front of the lamp. It will be sad to pack it up, but it will have a new home in its future…








2 thoughts on “Completed 5 Bulb Cherry Edison Lamp

  1. Hey Alex, the lamp looks great. I put in similar bulbs to the ones shown above. 30 watt “radio style” bulbs from at $3.98 a piece, golden amber glass, 4.3 inches. I might go with the clear glass bulbs in the future just because they are a strong contrast to other nearby lighting colors. If you want more than atmospheric lighting I’d go with 40 watt bulbs. The lamp makes for a great fit and perfect lighting solution on a table that is right up against a slanted ceiling in our top floor apartment. I might put a sheet of copper behind it on the ceiling to round out the space. The heat from the bulbs only require about an inch distance from the ceiling. Its beautifully finished as well. Thanks.

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